No. 8 The Perry Farm Barns

Barn Type : English Bank barn, Gambrel barn, Monitor barn, Joined barns

Built about : 1810 - 1820

English Bank Bar     Built about 1810-1820                                                                                                    

Larger than the usual 30’ x 40’ English barn – probably two joined barns. Low ramp for wagon entrance to central drive bay and threshing floor. This level was used for hay storage.  The basement area was used to house the animals; pigsties, weather protection for sheep, horse stalls and milking cows.
To increase the dairy milking area a shed roof was added at the rear of the barn over a concrete extension of the basement. This enlargement providing a more easily cleaned and sanitary milking area and cows had access to the barn from the ground level (making this a “ground level stable” barn or ground stable barn).

Note the milk house.

Gambrel barn
Built about: early 1900’s
This dairy barn – measuring 40’ x 80’ – results from joining two English style barns – each about 30’ x 40’. The original post and beam construction was reconfigured and reinforced with steel beams. The gable roofs were replaced with a gambrel roof that provides storage space for 6000 bales of hay.  The construction allowed for three levels to the barn:  hay loft at the top, area for cows in the middle and bottom level was cow manure storage. In the early 1960’s the barn was renovated again.  The second floor was removed increasing the milking capacity from 24 cows to 47 cows and modernized with the installation of a barn cleaner and milk bulk tank.

Note hay hood, silo and milk house.

Monitor barn
Small barn formerly used for maple sugaring.

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