No. 6 The Packer Barns

Barn Type : Large English style barns

Built about : 1880

This is an excellent complex with two massive barns with similar decorative cupolas.
The larger dairy barn is a 7-bay – with English style eaves front – late nineteenth century structure. The construction is traditional mortise and tenon timber frame. The barn is the centerpiece of what had been a magnificent farm. Milking of 75 cows was moved – for the sanitary innovations of the times – from the main floor to the basement, which was constructed of concrete and glass blocks. Note the 16’ cupola and the milk house.

The smaller barn in the same English style is a horse barn.

The house was probably built for Rev. Daniel Packer who owned it in 1854. Packer was the first minister of the Baptist Church in Mount Holly. He remained as its only minister from 1811-1846. The church flourished under his tenure and became one of the largest single congregations in the state.

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